Custom Candles.

Our candles are designed and personalised just for you! Create lasting memories of your special occasion or give a gift that will truly impress with one of our custom candles. Include a photo, a meaningful phrase or prayer.

We create and design candles for any occasion, including; weddings, baptisms, naming ceremonies, remembering loved ones or gifts that come straight from your heart. From large pillar candles to tealight candles, our designs are personalised to be a reflection of your style. Have long-lasting, symbolic memories of your special day with; a wedding unity candle set, your child’s Baptism candle and more. Why not personalise your table centrepiece with something special printed on your candles or gift them as bonbonniere.

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History and Symbolic Uses for Candles.

There is little known about the origin of candles. However, it is believed that candles originated in Ancient Egypt over 5,000 years ago. Throughout the ages, candles have been used to “light up” celebrations and as symbolic representations particularly in Religion.

In Hinduism, light is very important as is the candle. Diwali, one of the most important Hindu religions is the ‘Festival of Lights”. On Diwali houses are lit up with candles and other lights to celebrate new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil and light over death. In Buddhism, candle light represents the light of Buddha’s teachings and are placed in front of Buddha’s statue along with other items such as incense sticks as a mark of respect.

In Judaism, candles are used as part of many religious occasions as well as being a reminder of God’s divine presence.

Candles play an important role in Christianity and represent the “light of Christ”. Therefore, the use of candles as decorations, worship as well as in Religious celebrations such as baptism, communion, marriage as well as in death is very important.

These days, many people like to personalise candles for occasions such as weddings and Baptisms. These candles are often lit to celebrate anniversaries, at Christmas and other special occasions.

Unity candles are very popular at weddings. They symbolise the union of two people in marriage. Traditionally, three candles have been used, two candles symbolise each person entering the marriage and their separate lives. The third candle is a representation of their future unified life together. The two candles are lit, and the flames are used to light the third larger candle. This tradition may also include additional candles for other family members that are becoming part of one family, for example the children.

A white candle is an essential part of a Christian Baptism. The fire and flame of the candle are a symbol of Christ. The light from the candle is a sign of strength to ward off against evil that a person may encounter.